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tv   [untitled]    June 11, 2013 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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working on our projects. and once you are in the field, the opportunities only continue. you know, it is not uncommon for people to expand their horizon and their abilities going to estimating and business development and union representatives, and becoming inspectors for the city and going into management. and you know, those were some of the practical benefits that you ultimately see and for some of you who already have a job, you are already beginning to see those, but in addition to the practical, there is also universal ones and some easy ones like listen to others and make sure that you hear all sides, you know what? because you may not have the best idea. and also, you can accomplish a lot more if you don't care who gets the credit. and stay focused, finish what you start and if you make a mistake or a bad decision, admit it and take care tf and move on. seize the opportunities because whatever plan you might have there are other things that come up and you want to be sure that you take care of all of them and you enjoy and also
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people want to see leaders. they want to see leaders out there. if you see a void fill it. >> and then always lead by example and do the right thing. in the end contribute to your community. volunteer for projects you care about, not only will do good but they will make you feel good and in the end you will get a chance and give the chance to give back in the same way that the city build gave to you and today congratulations to you and good luck. [ applause ] >> thank you, before we introduce our student speakers, i would like to first thank the families for supporting these students and all of their endeavors, that is... without that support it makes it much harder to achieve what they have accomplished. and we also would like to thank community college of san
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francisco, thank you, and especially from the laborers, palacios... [ applause ] >> he drives this train, he keeps you all going. so without further adieu i would like to introduce from our construction administrative training program, jessy nelson, come on up. >> thank you, mr. jackson. good evening, my name is jessy nelson and i am a graduate of the contract administration cycle seven program and i live in the bay view community in san francisco. what brought me to city build was that i was at orientation
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in the (inaudible) industries and they passed out fliers outlining acceptance and to the requirement. and out comes for the city build program, and i thought about it and i said, to myself, i am going to attend one of the orientations sessions because i'm interested in beginning the job market and to update my skills after six years of retirement. my most valued experience at cap was especially my accounting skills and learning quick books. since completing cat my out look on life and job entry has changed. the program gave me a chance to evaluate my administrative skills as well as feeling technical expertise in a state of art consumer-based management tools. first, excel, powerpoint and accounting. professionally speaking, i know that i can compete with the
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best in my field of contracts, construction and administration and in management. the program is challenging and i found the program highly ininstructed that gave each participant personal attention when needed. and a word of warning, new attendties should be committed to study time and discipline in this 18-week program. what i want to say to someone who is interested in this program, you really, what you really have to do is you must be committed, and you must be dedicated to this program, and most important, again, most important, be respectful to your teachers, fellow students, peers. i want to thank workforce development, mission hire hall and my peers to speak at this
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cycle 7 graduation. >> our next student speaker, i could speak about now or about the guy but what i will say in short is that he inspires me, kerri winford. thank you, mr. jackson. >> good evening, everyone. my name is kerri win ford. and i'm a graduate of city build cycle 16, and i live in
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san francisco community. questions, what brought me to the city build academy? what brought me there was a friend who followed me to it. and he referred to it as it was something. but, as i went to the mission hire hall i met chavez which i think is exceptional who really helped me a whole lot through this. and i can't say enough about her. thank you gracy, very much. thank you. [ applause ] >> she told me that i would be a good candidate for city build academy. and i'm here now standing. and as a representative, addressing city build academy cycle 16 super stars...
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>> and the most valued experience with city build academy was being accepted at my age, but my heart and my hard work paid off. since completing the city build academy, i like this change. personally speaking, i now have a life long career. and i'm thankful for that. >> personally, excuse me, professionally, personally, speaking to the city build academy is such a great program that people from other cities and states have come to observe and to ask students questions about the program. and i think that is huge, if you have someone coming from another city and another state to city our program, that means
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that we set a standard by far. >> when we say to someone interested in city build. i would say, if you are serious about changing your life in the best way possible, i would stay and try the city build academy. i think that it would be great. i would like now to thank some people involved in this. i would like to say thanks and then i'm very honored and humbled to be the student representative for city built academy cycle 16. for me to be standing here as a great privilege and i will like to thank all of you for that. thank you very much. i also would like to say thank
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you to mission hire hall and all of their distinguished staff for all of the hard work that they have done for us, all of us. i also would like [ applause ] >> i also would like to thank our city build liaisons for all of their dedication and hard work and determination. [ applause ] >> and lastly, i would like to thank the mayor's office. because what the mayor's office they make everything possible for all of us. it is huge, and i hope that you continue to back this program up and my classmates. you want them to do unto you, so when we graduate and start working let's get right back just like they did for us. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> super star.
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>> okay just a couple more shout outs, the dean of city college at evans campus, thank you for coming, sir. [ applause ] >> arm on the executive director of the charity cultural center services is here this evening. [ applause ] >> don marcos, executive director of mission hire. and in the back. and probably the group that came the most distance our friends from the operating
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engineers in slew house california east of sacramento, dave spader and tammy casteel. thank you for making that trip. >> we want to acknowledge cliff low of consulated engineering as well and kristine, the director of neighbor's services. and cliff and empire engineering is here this evening. and todd rufo of the economic workforce development and our good friend kathleen carroll of horero bowl and thank you all for supporting our graduates. [ applause ] >> a round the perimeter of this room are the people that are really the grassroots and the life blood of city build and i just want to give a shout out to the staff, carmen's staff and marcos' staff and the young community developer's
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staff and the ycb staff and this, the group anders and anders. without them doing the recruiting, the case management, all of the services provided, you know, we would be not the program that we are. and the other entities here are the city build staff, again they are all around here. and we had some references to them earlier. and so, if you want to wave or something like that. do it now. thank you city build. >> tonight, we are honoring 41 city build academy graduates and 18 construction ad min training graduates this is the culmination of 18 weeks of education and training and hard work for these fortunate men and women. they hail from neighborhoods all over san francisco and like many san franciscans have roots from all over the country and the world. as of today, the dimension 23
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of them are employed, 24 are employed. [ applause ] >> others are on their path to being into the labor's union or other construction trade unions and while the construction admin graduates will begin their required internships. without further adieu, to begin the commencement ceremony, please welcome south of market employment center senior program manager for construction admin training stella atrera. >> [ applause ] >> good evening. it is great, it is so great to see so many people here tonight. let me begin by recognizing the families and friends that provided support and encouragement for these
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students to complete the program. your role was key to their success. we must also acknowledge the dedicated dcsf staff and employers, your diligence created a class that is driven for success in this industry. i would like to give special thanks to kathleen carroll and anna laso, she is sitting right over there. for being the key link between the program and the career of the graduates are now headed towards. these dedicated professionals are to thank for providing 12 industry experts necessary to bolster capt with the construction industry curriculum that took place every friday and for fostering the necessary internship and employment opportunities for our students. recognition goes out to mission
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hiring hall staff for the support, development and care for these programs. special thanks to caseca for his till against support and service of the ata program and for doing the necessary work to help these students succeed. thanks i know it was not easy. i would also like to mention program manager mcquill pen for actually studying every thursday. [ applause ] studied every thursday at city college. he took the cm 100 class with the ctp class and every thursday night he studied with them in construction management and in addition to his tireless work with the city build program so thank you. >> >> okay, the most importantly to our graduating class, you
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all work very hard and you suffered under immense stress and you took extra classes, you survived a heavy work load, now it is time to apply those skills to your future careers in the construction industry. now it is time to award the certificates. the first name i am going to call is david brentalit. >> brett island. >> anna maria lopez.
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>> yana macon. it took me all semester to get it right. >> richard may, >> angie mcketers. >> next, we have maria macoso. >> next we have jessy nelson.
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>> walter ramos. >> mr. ron red head. >> lily beth rogilio. >> mr. john steel. >> i was calling him james all semester. i want to mention miss caludia stella she is actually working at tyson management and she could not make it in but she is working. >> next up is austin ming sue. [ applause ]
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>> last but not least mr. bang, king wo. >> now for the catb scholarships. all right. >> before i pass those out, i wanted to thank the construction industry advisory council, which consists of employers, educators and city partners, necessary to keep the program content current, comprehensive and competitive. these employers are fantastic to work with and especially for their role in providing internship opportunities as a gateway to long term employment within the industry. our scholarship donors for this
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cycle came from kathleen carroll of heroro contractors. mr. victor marques of the marques law group. >> miss alia of turner. >> david lou of ucsf and mark gerar. and mr. jeff peterson of web corp and miss judy sorro, in memory of mitch sorro. >> now i would like to announce the four scholarships. these scholarships represent specific achievements. the first scholarship is awarded to richard may in the amount of $500 for his dedication to the program, going above and beyond the requirements to study construction management and blueprint reading come on up. [ applause ]
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>> >> the second to ron red head for his commitment to his professional values for $500. >> the third scholarship to bang wo in the amount of $500 for commitment of aligning his goals with industrial qualifications in san francisco, plus he had perfect attendance. [ applause ]
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>> now, the final scholarship is very special to mission hiring hall. this scholarship is awarded to jessie nelson in the amount of $500 from the maria hasel scholarship fund, this award represents outstanding achievement in the face of multiple challenges his per seer veer ans represents everything that the community stands for and we honor his memory by honoring jessy's hard work and dedication. [ applause ] thank you, so much. this is wonderful, thank you. >> [ applause ]
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thank you, stella, thank you, students. i will now like to bring to the stage arkadia maxima. [ applause ] a city college of san francisco city build coordinator. and this will actually be and unfortunately will be her last cycle. but she will be still running the energy efficiency class and so that is a plus. and her tireless effort over many, many years will be desperately missed. arkadia? >> hello, everyone. i'm going to announce the scholarship awards because i know that you have been waiting anxiously for that. >> city college of san francisco would like to congratulate the graduating
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class of city build cycle 16 and on behalf of the city build faculty, we are all very proud of your hard work and what you have achieved these past 18 weeks. 18 weeks for 35 hours a week, is a long time to commit to a program of study, without pay. but that is exactly what our students endure. and we recognize the sacrifice and want to reward those who have demonstrated achievement in our program. it is because of this we are happy to present, 6 scholarships in the amount of $500 each to these very deserving students. >> our first award goes to one of our youngest students fresh from high school. he in fact was recommended to city build by many of his high school counselors, he loved working with his hands and so well mannered and helpful and our first award goes to conrad
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cole. [ applause ] >> you are welcome. >> next was hard working and took school very seriously and in fact more serious than most students. opportunities like city build don't come around often. so if you are lucky enough to get it, you seize it to its fullest and that is exactly what this student did. our next award goes to briget goodman.
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we know the saying when life gives you lemons you make lemonade. the next awardee always smiling and a good sense of humor and despite the challenges in the personal life they removed the bitter and looked to the sweet, our next recipient is jonathan regara. >> another saying that we are all familiar with is that at first you don't succeed, try, try again and in our next award case try again for the third time. well, it is true, the third time is the charm, because they were finally accepted into city build. others would have succumb to
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defeat, instead she rose to the challenge and prove that they did deserve a spot in city build and that person is princess green. [ applause ] >> princess is very special to me because she was kind of like the little sister i looked after in the academy, i really pushed for her to get in, i know that she was trying hard. congratulations. [ applause ] >> our final award goes to one of our youngest students, fresh from high school and in fact he too was recommended to city build by his high school counselors, he is smart and polite and helpful, didn't she just say that? >> yes, and it is not the same person, and no you are not see double, our final award goes to hunter cole.
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>> congratulations to all of our recipients, you deserve it. >> now, i would like to begin the commencement exercise. when i call your name, please step forward. brian anderson. >> eric flats. >> alberto, bustamante. >> conrad cole. >> hunter cole. >> and fransisco nunes.
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>> william author dow senior. >> fredrick fong. >> alfredo garcia. >> bridget maria goodman. >> princess green. >> jonathan gravara. >> june she ye. >> young ben wang. >> nicholas hufnagle. >> charles jacobs.
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>> gitara january. >> shia chang wo ng. >> wing lamb. >> david lee. >> allen, lee. >> christensen lean. >> crystal blocket. >> eric madian. >> pierre middleton viez. >> joanne moore. >> alicia